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​Blake Lively Says You Can’t Have Ryan Reynolds in Acceptance Speech for the Greatest Movie of 2016

Blake Lively was honored Wednesday at the People’s Choice Awards for her work playing Nancy Adams in The Shallows, aka the best movie she’s ever done and one of 2016’s shinier, better moments. She beat fellow nominees Meryl Streep, Amy Adams, Julia Roberts, and Emily Blunt. She also briefly touched/encountered/fangirled over Luke Hemsworth, who presented the Best Dramatic Actress prize.

“I think this was a ploy to get myself up here because I love Westworld so much, so I’m so excited!” Blake began her speech, which was packed with fun nuggets. She gave a shout-out to her mama, who “always taught me as a kid you can’t ever let anyone limit you. Don’t ever let anyone tell you there’s something you can’t do and yeah, it was pretty cool … thanks, Mom!” Blake also mentioned the Spice Girls and your favorite phrase of the late ‘90s, “girl power.” According to Blake, the “neat” thing about the Spice Girls was despite their differences, “they were women and they owned who they were and that was my first introduction into girl power and I’m watching this movie and the women nominated in this category and when you guys voted for this you didn’t just vote for this movie or me but you voted for girl power.” (FYI, Blake did not take a single breath during this part of the speech; hence the lack of commas and periods).

The highlight of Blake’s speech came at the end, when she thanked Ryan Reynolds, “who’s everything to me.” Before the exit music took over, she shouted, “You can’t have him, he’s mine. Thank you.”

Now that you’ve had your daily reminder that Ryan belongs to Blake and no one else, please take a moment to bow down to all this ~*fringe*~. What can’t Blake do?



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