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10 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Had Famous Relatives [+Photos]

Celebrities You Didn't Know Had Famous Relatives

Celebrities You Didn’t Know Had Famous Relatives – There’s one sure fire way to get your foot in the door in Hollywood and that’s to have a man on the inside. Having a friend or family member who already has a successful career and is well known throughout the industry definitely doesn’t hurt when you’re on the rise and trying to make your mark in the biz called show. Want that role in the latest Sci-fi movie?

Well, daddy’s the director so all you have to do is ask. But, believe it or not, there are some super famous celebs that chose a different route. They didn’t want to ride the coat tails of their famous predecessors. There are those who wish to make their own mark, to build a name without the association of their well known relatives. Often it’s to prove to themselves that they can do it on their own merit, and to gain a fan base that loves them for who they are and not just their family name. Check out this list of celebrities you didn’t know had famous relatives and see for yourself.

10. Elle King & Rob Schneider

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If you haven’t heard of Elle King by now, then you’ve been living under that metaphorical rock everyone talks about. Elle is the latest country-rock sensation to hit the music scene and fans absolutely adore her soulful, raspy voice and kick-butt attitude. But what most people don’t know is that Elle is the daughter of comedian Rob Schneider and super model London King. Elle learned a lot from her father’s success but she wanted to pave her own way. At the age of 18, Elle took her less famous parent’s name and blasted onto the music scene.

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