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10 Celebrity Men Who Are Known For Having Small Penises

Below are 10 more dashing men, who just might embody the idea that less is more:

1. Brad Pitt

Say, it ain’t so!? Does Brad Pitt really have a small dick? According to his ex-girlfriend, Juliette Lewis, sleeping with Brad in the 1990s was no “big” deal, she told fans at a concert, with extra emphasis on the “big” part.

Even Brad’s BFF, George Clooney, once slapped a “Small Penis Onboard”sticker onto the side of Brad’s car. But that’s most definitely some type of joke (er, misunderstanding?), right? Right?!?!?


2. Jude Law

Thanks to the work of one sneaky paparazzo back in 2005, we didn’t have to rely on hearsay to determine whether or not Jude Law’s penis is small after catching a glimpse. Thanks to those NSFW photos that surfaced, we were able to evaluate Jude’s penis size for ourselves.

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