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10 Celebs Who’ve Profited The Most Of The Kardashians [+Photos]


Celebs Who’ve Profited The Most Of The Kardashians – It’s astounding to think that a family, who are more or less famous for nothing, have helped launch the careers of so many others. And if it wasn’t launching someone’s career, they were helping them earn hundreds of thousands of dollars — in some cases even millions.

How? Well, the Kardashian brand is one that cannot be compared to anything else. Talking bad about them is going to get a lot of bad publicity, but being their friend is going to get you so much further — at least that seems to be the case when judging those who have been named in the list below. From those who had dreams of becoming singers, to those who just needed their 15 minutes of fame and ended up furthering their social media following by bashing the Kardashians. Befriending them or dissing them can help you in different ways. See below for the ten celebrities who have profited the most of this fascinating family, and see who managed to play their cards the best.

10. Pia Mia


Pia Mia built quite an astonishing following after her best pal, Kylie Jenner, introduced the songstress to her millions of followers in 2013. The twosome have remained the best of friends throughout the years, often sharing photos of one another on their social media accounts, which evidently helped Pia’s followers grow immensely. So when it came down for her to release some music, it didn’t come as a surprise to see her song ‘Do It Again’ surpass 130 million views on YouTube alone. The song has reportedly gone platinum following its release earlier this year.

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