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10 Female celebrities you didn’t know were lesbians

lesbian celebritiesFemale celebrities you didn’t know were lesbians – It’s easy to imagine a beautiful woman willing to share with another woman. It’s a typical male fantasy, has been for centuries and the fact that so many have decided to go that way makes it hotter. You can see a lot of amazing women who have managed to balance out lesbian lifestyles with television or movie fame and actually making them a bit hotter with the idea of being unavailable to men.

However, bisexuals can be more appealing, the idea that they go both ways and can share if the mood strikes.

It’s long been rumored many a starlet in Hollywood “Golden Age” swung both ways but naturally kept it quiet in those more conservative times. Today, it’s much easier to find things out with the Internet and several celebrities quite open about it on social media. Some are famous for dating men and women like Lindsay Lohan and Amber Heard while others have come out as fully gay like Ellen Page. There are plenty of famous women who have drifted to dating other women in the past and may not be as well-known as many of them are now married to men and with children to boot. Some may be known but others can surprise you with their past dating history that’s included women. Here are 10 major female celebrities you may not have known dipped in both sides,,,

10. Shailene Woodley

The actress has broken out from TV shows to successful movies like the Divergent series among others and praised for her terrific talent. A funny bit was how The Soup would show a clip from her Secret Life of the American Teenager where Woodley’s dad matter-of-factly mentions “heard you’re gay.” As it happens, Woodley doesn’t consider herself bisexual but rather “pansexual” as she doesn’t judge on gender or sexuality. She’s been rumored to have flings with Emma Page and lately seen with actress Isidora Goreshter and this fluid nature adds more appeal that can help Woodley take off as a truly hot star.

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