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10 foods that can change your eye color in 60 days

The eyes are the windows to the soul. By looking into eyes of a person you can easily reveal how that person feels. You can see through their hidden emotions and attitudes without them uttering a single word. The inheritance of eye color is more complex than it may seem. Scientists suppose that genes are involved, however genetic variations can produce unexpected results. For example blue eyed parents can have a brown eyed child. Eye color depends on how much pigment is in the eye. If you do have a lot of pigment then your eyes will be brown, if there is no pigment then your eyes will be blue.

Basically the iris is the colored component of the eye and the eye color determines melanin. That’s why when a child grows the eye color changes, because the melanin concentration changes throughout the child’s formative years. The eye color originates from three genes yet till this day only two genes are explained and well understood by scientists. Not many know that people can change their eye color naturally without laser surgery. Some dietary habits can come a long way. Sounds wonderful, right? It’s quite simple and doable too. Read on and find out how you can change your eye color and get the color you have always longed for.

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