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10 Nasty Things You Didn’t Know About Your Mouth

The mouth is one of those weird parts of the body that we all have, but we don’t tend to know much about. It’s not a big surprise that this is the case – after all, it’s kind of a weird thing to think about. Since this is where we take in all of our food and drink, it could get a little odd to think about the nasty side of things. You might get to a point where even the thought of eating or drinking seems disgusting now that you know what is going on in there.

Well, being put off by something is no reason not to do a bit of research into it. We have been scouring medical and scientific knowledge to find out all of the most disgusting and nastiest facts about our mouths. The great news is that we can now share all of this information with you! Well, the great news for us. You might not find it so enjoyable. But human nature means that now, even though you have been warned, you just have to read on to see how disgusting these facts can possibly be.

Don’t worry about it – they can’t be that bad! After all, it’s not as if you are going to learn exactly how much bacteria you can find in your mouth at any given time, or what kind of things can happen if you get an infection in your mouth. We won’t be putting you off the idea of kissing, or making you feel OCD about brushing your teeth. Oh, wait, sorry – that’s exactly what you’re about to read!

1. Men’s Tongues Are Longer

Let’s start off with something a little interesting which might help you out in the bedroom. In general, men have longer tongues than women – which gives you that extra bit of length if you really want to impress someone. You could probably guess this if you think about Gene Simmons, who is known for having a ridiculously long tongue. There are also more men who can touch the tip of their nose with their tongue than there are women. It’s kind of gross though to think about this incredibly strong muscle, which does a lot of work inside the mouth. Do those with longer tongues still fit their mouths perfectly? Or is there a bit of curling going on? It doesn’t really bear thinking about. Also, if you do start thinking about it, before long your tongue starts feeling pretty weird. You’ll start to forget what you are supposed to do with it when it’s not being used.

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