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10 Signs You Boyfriend Is A Dummy

Signs You Boyfriend Is A Dummy

Signs You Boyfriend Is A Dummy – I love boys. Really, they’re great. Boys are great for many reasons, but boyfriends are even better. They look nice in suits. They smell nice (when they try). They can even be great dining partners. However, some guys really don’t quite understand what being a boyfriend means in present day society. We can’t necessarily blame them, though. Guys probably look around at other guys and think, “Well I’m better than that guy who doesn’t even take his girlfriend on dates.”

Women don’t follow those guidelines. Beyond the surface, many – not all but many – guys don’t understand what being a good boyfriend really is. Luckily for them, we can help them find the correct path to boyfriend greatness. Here are just a few clues you can use to determine if your boyfriend is a dime or a dummy.

If he does these things, call him out on it so that you can try to salvage your relationship!

10. He Doesn’t Answer Your Texts/Calls

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I mean quite honestly, I don’t care if you’re a guy, a girl, or a dog, if you possess the skill to answer my phone calls and texts, you better have a real reason if you aren’t responding to me. Also, just pause and think about how cool it would be if your dog could text you… Okay, back to the topic at hand. The point is that I have a zero tolerance policy for ignoring my texts/calls. My friends know this, my family knows this, so if you’re my boyfriend I can be 100% sure that you know how I feel about ignoring me. It wouldn’t fly. Period.

I hear stories about how some boyfriends can go an entire day without answering their girlfriend’s attempts at correspondence but the minute the girl texts to ask if he’d like to come over for dinner, he is suddenly able to respond. That’s not coincidence, babe. That’s just a sign that he didn’t feel the other questions were important enough to give a response.

I get being busy, but that’s not the case in this situation. In this situation your boyfriend is being stupid. He either respects you or he doesn’t, and blatantly choosing to ignore you until you’re interesting or doing him a favor makes him a boy but not your boyfriend. Don’t let him get away with acting like he’s doing you a favor by responding.

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