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10 stylish ways to transform your home without breaking the bank (Must Read!)

After we deck out our living quarters with a new and refreshed look, we can take a step back and feel pride to call our home… well, home.

But as time goes on, things can start to wear down. If we don’t replace furnishings often enough, it can definitely start to show. However, we all know how pricey re-decorating can get — I’m pretty sure even this trailer makeover ended up costing a pretty penny!

So what’s the solution? Well, here’s the good news: making your home stylish doesn’t automatically have to involve dollar signs.

To prove it, we’ve come up with 10 design-focused hacks that you can easily incorporate into your own home, from the simple addition of pillows to painted hangers that spruce up the closet area.

1. Add Canopy Rods And Sheets To Your Bed

1. Add Canopy Rods And Sheets To Your Bed

If you don’t have canopy rods, you can use curtain rods for this hack, then drape them with sheer linens. Not only does the canopy add some style to an otherwise bland piece of furniture, it also creates more divide within your room. This makes it feel more spacious, like having a separate room for your bed. Wouldn’t that be nice?

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