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10 Things Every Man MUST Know Before Marrying A Strong Woman

Sometimes I feel a little sorry for my husband for going into marriage with a blind eye to what marrying and loving a strong woman can actually mean. This includes the following:

1. We need to work.

Sorry, that whole stay-at-home mom vs. working mom “war”? It’s not up for discussion here, because work is just a part of who we are.

2. We need to control the money.

Maybe “control” is a strong word, but let’s be clear: we’ll know what’s going on at all time. But it’s good, really. So, do you want to explain why you spent so much last month? …Kidding!

3. We’re totally fine flying solo.

Not sure what you were thinking here, but I’m simply referring to the fact that we’re totally cool with spending a few nights and weekends alone while you go out with the boys. No clingy women here, but don’t expect your side of the bed to stay unoccupied because I will be hogging it all to myself… and enjoying it.

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