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10 Things That Will Make Your Breasts Look Fabulous!

Seduction involves using your natural accessories – namely, your breasts. Make the most of your breasts (and get tons of male attention) with these ten tips.
Breasts are a natural accessory, much like a necklace. If you pick the right outfit (or even your birthday suit), your breasts can really put a nice bow on the package!

1. Go Braless During The Day

Your breasts deserve a break! Go braless for a day. Wear a soft t-shirt that doesn’t feel rough against your nipples and just lounge around. It’s even better if you can do this in front of your guy. Turn the air down a little so it gets just a tad bit chilly – and he’ll definitely notice that your girls are standing at attention.

2. Use Ice Cubes To Harden Your Nipples

Instead of buying nipple enhancers (yeah, those actually exist), just slip an ice cube under your bra and hold it on your nipple for just a few seconds. This will get them nice and hard, although you may end up getting your shirt a little wet. This is a great move if you want to surprise your lover by wearing nice lingerie, or want to parade around nude in front of him. Getting your girls to perk up first will make you look that much sexier. (Also try using ice on him or on your clitoris for even more fun!)

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