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10 Things You DIDN’T Know About SEX!

Sex is pretty cut and dry, right? Wrong! There are tons of things about getting it on that you probably don’t know – are YOU savvy when it comes to sex – or not?


1. You And Your Partner Can Be A “Mismatch”

A penis doesn’t always fit into a vagina perfectly. Yes, they’re generally “made to fit together,” but that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, a man can be much smaller than a woman, resulting in reduced pleasure for both of them because his penis is too small to stimulate the walls of his partner’s vagina.

Also, a man can be too large for a woman, resulting in pain or discomfort for her. A vagina is made to stretch, but there’s only so much length in there. A vagina will double in length when a woman is aroused (from about 4″ long to about 8″) but there are still some men who are substantially larger than this.


2. A Woman’s Orgasms Can (And Will) Outnumber A Man’s

It’s no secret that women can have multiple orgasms. But did you know that it’s possible for a girl to have a pretty much unlimited number of climaxes? That’s right. Most men have one and they’re extremely lucky to get two, but that’s pretty rare even for the pros.

However, a girl can climax again and again during sex, simply because she never goes all the way back down to square one after she reaches orgasm, unless she stops all pleasure completely and waits for her “oven to cool off,” so to speak. The female orgasm is similar to an oven, where it takes quite some time to warm up and reach temperature, but also a significant amount of time to cool down. While the oven is “hot,” she can climax over and over!

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