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10 Things You’ve Gotten COMPLETELY Wrong About Female Sexuality

Here is a quick lesson on some big pointers that might just change everything you think you know. These are the 10 myths about female sexuality that you need to stop believing.

Hold on to your knickers.

1. She feeds on flowers, chocolates and obsessive ’I love you’s’.

Even if some women need the romance to lose their pants, it certainly is not a given. Rumpy-pumpy with a stranger or friends with benefits is, in fact, something a lot of women enjoy.

Women, just like men (or people of other gender identities), also get off on things that are dirty, taboo, and sometimes down-right-wrong-rom-coms be damned.

2. The clitoris is just a tiny button.
When talking about your clitoris (as you do), you’re usually referring to the small, pea-shaped head.

And even though that head has a whopping 8,000 nerve endings, the clitoris is actually less of a small knob and more of a complex system. It includes only two legs but also two vestibular bulbs, making the whole shebang an impressive 3-4 inches long!

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