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10 Tiny Things A Man Does When He’s About Ready To Break Up With You

You can never be certain someone is about to dump you, unless, of course, the person tells you. However, with that said, how many of you could predict some of your past breakups? I know I could. I felt that sick feeling in my stomach before it happened.

While I’m no psychic and I can’t predict your future, I can tell you that there are a few signs that a man might be about to dump you. If you notice these signs you can do one of three things: relax and let it unfold; ask him if that’s where’s headed (although, he may say no out of defense or uncertainty); or talk to him to see if there’s a way to salvage the relationship. You can also dump him first if you’re over him too, but if you still care about him don’t do it!!

Here’s how to tell a guy wants to break up with you.


1. He has a sudden voracious interest in himself.

Yes, your partner should have an independent life outside of the relationship, but if he suddenly puts all of his free time into things that don’t include you, be aware. Most likely, he’s prepping himself for a life that doesn’t include you.


2. There’s a lack of sex.

He doesn’t want to get it on? That is a bad sign. It could mean one of several things. Either he’s having an affair, is stressed, depressed, or pulling away from you. I like to think of sex as the bassline that pulls the relationship together. Your compatibility is the melody and your values are the rhythm, but your sex life is that bass that keeps you thumping.


3. He’s started working late.

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Working late is not a variable that means he’s about to say goodbye. Working late alongside other variables can be a sign he’s ready to break up with you or is having an affair. Working late on its own could be for many positive things too, like working to buy a ring, a home, earn a promotion, or keep you guys afloat. Just be wary if he’s working late amongst other bad signs.

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