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10 Traits You’ll Find In People You Can’t Trust

Being able to pinpoint an untrustworthy person is a trait that not many people have. This isn’t because they can’t see what’s in front of them, it’s because they can’t see through the façade that the other person has put up. In truth, untrustworthy people are very good at acting like they genuinely care for their friends and lovers, when in reality, they only care about themselves.

At some point in everyone’s life, they are going to meet someone who they believe to be amazing, only to find out that they are the exact opposite of that. In certain cases, these malicious people can go undetected for years, and whether or not they are self-aware is questionable.

Trust is often misconstrued, causing people to believe that if someone can keep a secret, they are automatically trustworthy. However, trust isn’t that simple, it’s much more than that. A trustworthy person is someone you can depend on, someone who is honourable and honest, but most of all, someone who has your best interests at heart.

While some people will rub you the wrong way from the start, others will find their way into your core group and start acting out in benign ways. Eventually, their essence will start affecting the ones around them, which will result in them getting exposed for who they truly are. However, this can take a number of years or even a lifetime, and by then some of the damage they’ve caused can seem irreversible, but it isn’t. In order to stop this from happening, here are some common traits found in people you can’t trust.

1. They Are Constantly Changing Friends

Being able to pinpoint who is trusting and who isn’t is an art that few have mastered. Which is why being familiar with the signs attributed to an untrustworthy person is dire. When trying to figure out whether you can trust someone, examine their group of friends, as this will show you their true colors.

If your new friend or lover doesn’t have any friends. Or used to have some but is now on bad terms with them, chances are they did something to piss them off. When a person bounces from group to group, only to be rejected within a couple of years (or less), this could be a clear sign that they aren’t a trustworthy person. Yet, when you meet someone who has a loving group of friends, who they’ve known for a long time. It can be a lot easier for you to trust them, as other people already do.

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