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Ladies: 10 Types And Shapes Of Penises And How They Can Satisfy You


Ladies, in your life time, you might come across a penis shaped like a hammer, don’t laugh, it really exists. With this type of penis, the head of the penis is big while the shaft is small, giving it that kind of hammer-like look. You can still find a banana shaped penis with a hammer shaped penis or other shapes which also have a hammer shape.

Hammer shaped penis are good at every position because you can feel the head touching all the insides of your inner walls, the only disadvantage is that, you might not get that clitoral stimulation during intercourse due to the size of the shaft, but it can surely hit that G-spot.

Deep penetrations are not good for hammer shaped penises, shallow penetrations are the best since the G-spot is not that far and due to the shape of the head, it can easily rub against the G-spot.

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