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10 Unethical Dating Habits That Will Make Him Run Far, FAR Away From You

I have noticed a disturbing, and alarming uptick in bad dating behaviors from both men and women. It seems that, now that everything can be done behind a screen, everyone just kind of forgot that people are actually people.

This has led to people in the dating scene being insanely rude, cruel, or even just warped when it comes to the way they treat their fellow people. This is a trend that has to stop before the battle of the sexes turns into an all-out war.

Now, I know that there are a lot of ideas floating around the net that involve sketchy behavior from one partner in an effort to keep the other. Make no mistake about it: the following bad dating behaviors really don’t actually produce the results you want and only worsen your situation.


1. Whining, begging, or cold shouldering in order to get your way.

I don’t care if “your way” is a date, a wedding ring, or a threesome— doing this sh*t is bad. It makes you less attractive to your partner and also is a pretty good indication that you may be a horrible human being. If you have to manipulate people into getting your way, you’re not doing it right. It may be a better option to go with someone who actually will meet that need instead.


2. Ditching him mid-date because of looks alone.

Admittedly, this is a personal sore spot for me because I’ve had this done to me. It f*cking hurts. If that person seems nice enough, be polite and just finish the date anyway. Once the date’s done, tell them it won’t work out, but that you wish them the best. It’s really that simple. Do you have to be an assh*le like that?


3. Not showing who you actually are.

I’ve seen a lot of people who hide their preferences, opinions, and interests from dates just so that person will like them. There’s a lot of things wrong with this.

At best, you’re setting yourself up for resentment to start because you’ll never feel like you can be yourself around your partner. At worst, your partner will feel betrayed if you show who you really are. Either way, the person you’re presenting isn’t you, so even if they like you, that’s not the person you really are.

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