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10 Ways tattoos are being used as a form of therapy – You’ll be surprised!

Ways tattoos are being used as a form of therapy

Ways tattoos are being used as a form of therapy – You’re well aware of traditional therapy (and its alternative, distant cousin, retail therapy), but what about tattoo therapy? In many parts of the world, tattoos are used as cultural symbols to denote rank, accomplishment, spirituality, heritage or simple decoration.

Today, at least in the U.S., we think of tattoos as a form of self-expression, and each and every tattoo tells a story. But tattoos can also help people heal and find closure.  Not a cure-all but rather a means to an end, tattoos are also being viewed nowadays as recovery art.  Would you get a therapeutic tattoo as part of your recovery process or to help you maintain your mental health?

1. The Mastectomy Tattoo Movement

Following breast cancer treatment, some women opt to get artistic tattoos to not only cover mastectomy scars, but to reclaim their bodies.  There’s even an organization, P.Ink (Personal Ink), that matches breast cancer survivors with tattoo artists with mastectomy experience.

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