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10 ways to slide into a babe’s DM like a pro

We are already so deep in the use of social media that everyone already knows and understands what it means to slide into someone’s DM.

And if you are just playing catch-up on the pop slang, sliding into someone’s DM is a fancy word that describes the act of starting a private conversation with someone on social media platforms, as opposed to bantering on the timeline where other users can see your convo.

If you want to slide into someone’s DM and achieve success in there like Banky did in Adesua Etomi’s, there are rules to follow.

With these 10 rules, you’re guaranteed to get almost every babe’s attention.

1. Your first line

Make sure your icebreaker is dope. Certain greetings like “Hi baby”, “Good morning my angel” “Hi love” might never get responded to.

Why? The lady probably doesn’t even know you like that yet. Don’t be quick to throw words of endearment at her.

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