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11 Men Confess The Biggest Lie They’ve EVER Told Their Wives

It’s nearly impossible to maintain a relationship without a few white lies here and there, but occasionally, we may find ourselves on either end of a complete whopper. Regardless of the circumstances, justifications, or ethics, lies happen.

We asked men to tell us the biggest, baddest, bald-faced-est lies husbands tell their wives in marriages. Here are some of the worst we heard.

1. That I enjoy spending time with her family.

“My wife sincerely believes that I like her family — her parents in particular. I’ve never hated a group of toxic, selfish, manipulative assh*les so much in my life.”

2. That I stayed faithful during my bachelor party.

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“That I didn’t sleep with anyone during my bachelor party weekend even though one groomsman had pictures of me getting cozy with the girl I slept with before I met up with her later that night. It was a terrible, horrible mistake I did under a ton of substances and it has legitimately never happened again, but I saw no need to crush her with that information. Carrying that secret is my punishment enough.”

3. That I have no plans to ever leave.

“That I don’t have an exit plan if sh*t goes downhill. Our therapist asked us how far we’d thought through our plans to leave and I told her I’d never really entertained the thought of it. However, I’ve always had an escape route up my sleeve for just in case. I think it’s foolish not to.”

4. That everything in our marriage was ‘fine.’

“I don’t mean to wax poetic or whatever, but the biggest lie I ever told my ex-wife was that I was fine all the time. I always agreed with her and I always said things were okay and they rarely were. And then one day, I just decided to stop and she had no idea what happened.”

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