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11 Psychological Tricks That Make Him Want You Sooo Much More

I honestly believe that love is something that can be cultivated… to a point. There has to be a spark of interest there at first, but how deep someone falls in love with you will often be a result of the effort you both put forth to make that feeling happen.

Though you can never force a person to like you, there are definitely some methods that help you learn how to get a guy to like you and can make guys think of you more highly. These tricks are even backed by science. If you’re trying to get him to gain more interest in you, give one of these tricks a spin.

1. Ask him for favors.

Studies have shown that people tend to like people who they do favors for, even if they initially hated them. This is because we subconsciously make ourselves believe that the person would do the same for us as we did for them. It’s now known as the Ben Franklin effect since the Founding Father himself was the one who discovered this strange trick.

2. Compliment him… just not all the time.

Most guys don’t get complimented very frequently, so anytime they do hear a compliment, they tend to eat it up. The only problem is that compliments lose their significance if you hear them all the time. By spacing out compliments to a max of once per day, it keeps him on his toes.

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