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11 Shocking Stories Of Tourists Who Went Missing While On Vacation [+Photos]

stories of tourists who went missing

Tourists – Travelling to foreign countries and tourist attractions is often seen as a luxury and many look forward to time spent away from home, exploring parts of the world they have yet to venture to. However, travelling can be scary as well. You are in an unfamiliar place, sometimes you don’t know the language of the locals and can have a hard time getting around, ordering food, or even knowing which bathroom to walk into.

Nowadays such worries are seen as nothing but annoyances, as we live in a more dangerous world than it was 20 years ago. Identities are easily stolen, purses snatched, pockets picked and sometimes lives are taken. With the recent and frequent terrorist attacks, society is now on edge more than ever when it comes to safety of travelling alone in foreign countries or even travelling within one’s own country. The 15 cases on this list show some shocking and some mysterious instances of travellers that went missing or were killed while on vacation or travelling away from home. These unfortunate instances show that sometimes erring on the side of caution can very well save one’s life and sometimes people are just unlucky enough to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.


11. Lars Mittank


Lars Mittank of Germany, aged 28, was on vacation in Bulgaria when he got into an altercation on the beach and was struck in the head. He was taken to a hospital afterwards to be treated for a ruptured eardrum and given a prescription for antibiotics. Doctor’s orders restricted Mittank from flying for the next few days, so he told his friends that had travelled with him to go on home without him while he stayed in Bulgaria until his condition improved. Mittank called his mother from his hotel room in a panic, claiming he was being followed by four men and told his mother to cancel his credit card. He also spoke erratically about the prescription he was given, questioning what the drugs were really doing to him. Mittank was last seen on surveillance footage walking through the airport. Moments later, he is seen running in the opposite direction, having dropped his luggage; he bolted out of the airport and across the parking lot and appeared to run into a nearby forest. No one knows what happened to Mittank and has still not been found to this day.

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