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11 Things All People Think But Never Say Out Loud

Have you ever wanted to be able to read someone’s thoughts? To be able to hear the things that they would never dare say out loud? Well, so have we. We have always been curious about what it would be like to have that superpower which is what inspired this article. We wanted to get into the minds of people and understand why there are some things that we just feel uncomfortable talking about.

This is why we thought it would be fun to come up with a list of fifteen common thoughts that almost all of us have had, but that we do not usually say out loud. Some of these thoughts should be kept in our head while other thoughts should really be expressed, even if it isn’t the easiest thing to say.

From telling people how you feel, or telling people what you did, there are so many things we as humans keep secret. We as a society need to stop taking ourselves so seriously and stop overthinking.

We need to realize that a lot of the time, saying how you feel can lead you to places you never thought imaginable and be a really amazing thing. Just be careful because as you’re about to learn, other times it just gets you to trouble.

1. “Do Not Speak To Her Like That”

This is a problem in our society. We sit back and watch as people around us are treated poorly and we do so because we claim it is “none of our business”. Well, think about this, what if someone was treating you poorly and everyone just walked by as if that was normal.

Instead of thinking that what you see is not right, try saying something. People want to be heroes but when something heroic comes up for them to do they back away. Heroes are not defined by pulling someone out of a burning building, heroes are defined as someone who risks their comfort to help others around them. This is something you should not only be thinking but you should be saying out loud.

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