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11 Things You Should NEVER Buy Your Woman

11 Things You Should Never Buy Your Woman theinfong.com 700x332

Things You Should NEVER Buy Your Woman – Sometimes, gift giving can be incredibly difficult. You can have the best intentions in the world, and the desire to get your partner something that they’ll absolutely love and that shows them how much you care for them. Basically, you want a gift that communicates everything that you feel about your wife or girlfriend – and that’s definitely not easy.

It’s become a bit of a sitcom and movie trope – a bumbling husband or boyfriend buys a gift for his lady that the entire audience is immediately cringing at, he clumsily wraps it, and hands it over… and then waits for her reaction. While he’s expecting happiness, it usually ends up being either tears or anger as he’s offended her with his terrible choice of gift.

So, how on earth do you navigate the art of gift giving? Well, what your wife or girlfriend will love depends a lot on her personality and interests, but there are certain gifts that you probably should steer away from, just to be safe. Relax – we’re here to keep you from wishing you had just gotten a gift card.

Here are 10 things you should probably never buy a woman, no matter how good your intentions might be.

11. Cookware


First of all, if you give a woman cookware, you’re basically perpetuating the sexist stereotype that a woman’s place is in the kitchen, and that’s just not cool. Second, this one goes back to the necessities vs. want issue. A gift should be something you pick out because you think the person will enjoy it. Regardless of your budget, the gift you pick out should be something that she wouldn’t necessarily buy for herself. She can easily pick up a few pots and pans or a nice knife set for herself – after all, if you’re making the majority of your meals at home, they’re necessary tools. Stay away from the kitchen gear, no matter how practical you think it is.

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