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12 Actors Who Have Changed Dramatically In The Last Few Years [+Photos]

Actors Who Have Changed Dramatically

Actors Who Have Changed Dramatically – Change is the only constant. We’ve all heard it before; it’s just the way life is. While there is a mostly negative connotation to the word “change”, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. As time goes by we all change in our physical appearance. We get older, some people get fat, some lose weight, and some get bad tribal tattoos all over their bodies (don’t be like the people mentioned last).

Nevertheless, actors are people who owe a big part of their success to their looks. Good or bad, their appearance is what built their identity throughout the years, along with their talent, hard work, and some drugs. They often have to change their looks for the requirements of roles they are playing in films. These changes vary from mild to extreme, and their ability to “yo-yo” their weight is certainly admirable. But, not all changes are planned. Sometimes the crazy Hollywood lifestyles take the toll on the body and mind. Drugs and alcohol take over, and after a while, we can see the consequences. However, some people do the opposite; they switch for the better, get in shape and start living healthy. Positive or negative, some of the actors’ transformations are certainly shocking, and today we will introduce you to 12 actors who have changed dramatically in the last few years. Enjoy!

12. Mary Kate Olsen

via thecelebrityauction.co

As usual, the red carpet appearance always raises speculations, and Ms. Olsen was no exception. Mary-Kate appeared looking pretty different than her identical twin sister, Ashley. This raised rumors of plastic surgery, but Mary Kate denied the accusations. Despite popular belief, the twins are not identical, and it seems that their differences only became more prominent in the last few years. Mary’s appearance has been heavily influenced by her anorexia, and she checked into rehab due to that issue. Lately, she has been busy with her fashion work and has fully recovered.

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