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The 12 Most Bloody Cartel Massacres Mexico Has Ever Seen [+Photos]


Most Bloody Cartel Massacres Mexico Has Ever Seen – When the Colombian Calli and Medellin cartels were taken down in the 1990s lawmakers rejoiced, but what their absence created was a flux of more violence than ever before. Where the existing cartels had held peace there was now chaos as competing cartels fought to be on the top of the food chain.

In 2006 the Mexican military began to intervene in the cartels’ business which only inflamed their rage. These cartels control 90% of the cocaine that is sold in the United States. By 2012, the end of Felipe Calderon’s reign as President, the death toll in the drug war reached 60,000. The estimated number had doubled one year later, and that’s not counting the almost 30,000 missing persons in the country.

Cocaine trafficking is mostly handled by the Sinaloa cartel and the Gulf Cartel until El Chapo was arrested and other gangs including Los Zetas started to vie for the Sinaloa’s territory and trafficking avenues. Mexico is not only a production company for heroin and marijuana it is also a prime location for trafficking cocaine up from South America.

This paired with the fact that it is 50/50 whether or not a Mexican official has been bought by cartels, the death toll continues to rise.

12. La Barca Mass Grave

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A search for two missing police officers in 2013 led Mexican officials to a local park where they uncovered 67 bodies from a mass grave. All of the bodies, two of which were women and one a minor, were marked with a red cross which is a sign of the Knights Templar cartel.

The bodies showed signs of being gagged and tortured before their death. Death came by blunt force trauma or a gunshot wound from the Knights Templar who have been in ongoing battles with the New Generation for some time in the Jalisco area.

In the exceedingly more dangerous area of Jalisco and after an excessive gang attack, 11 different cities were left without power for an unknown amount of time. In that same time period the entire police force of the border town of Michoacan was dismissed. We hope that these towns can find peace soon.

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