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12 Dark Secrets WWE’s Bad Girl ‘Paige’ Is Hiding From The World [+Photos]


WWE’s Bad Girl ‘Paige’ – Pale-skinned with black hair, tattoos, and piercings, Paige has been a mysterious force to be reckoned with every since she first signed with the WWE. She’s been the source of controversy in- and outside of the ring which has made her a favorite to some, a foe to others, and even a one time love interest to her fellow WWE Diva.

Born in 1992 in Norwich, England, Paige’s rise to stardom was unlike many of her counterparts. She’s been more concerned with being a great wrestler than being the hottest diva in the room, but that hasn’t kept her from showing off her sexy in the ring. Collectors have clamored over snagging her action figures, fans hope to get her autograph before a show, and little girls have waited in long lines to give their wrestling idol a hug.

She was Rolling Stone’s Diva of the Year in 2014 and has amassed a number of titles including WWE Divas champion two times over. We get to tune in to watch what the WWE plays out for us to see, but even though Paige doesn’t keep her personal life a secret, there’s still much that people don’t know about the organization’s bad girl. This has proven to be a rough year for Paige balancing a new love and setbacks.

She’s dedicated most of her life to the dangerous sport that her family groomed her to succeed in, but between bar fights, neck injuries, surgeries, suspensions, and her new-yet-still-married fiancé leaving the WWE, the fate of her career has been a hot topic of speculation. Controversial or not, this Brit has become an international wrestling treasure who keeps a hot fire lit under the WWE.

12. She Was Named After Her Mother — Sort Of


Julia Hamer-Bevis, Paige’s mother, was a professional wrestler who competed under the name Sweet Saraya. In a story that Paige loves to share with anyone who will listen, Bevis was unaware that she was pregnant with her baby girl and continued to wrestle until she found out she was pregnant at eight months.

It seemed only fitting, then, that Bevis would keep her wrestling name in the family. Paige was born Saraya-Jade Bevis andand never performed under that name. Born in England, Paige would travel and compete in the independent and amateur circuits as Britani Knight, but it wasn’t until she signed with WWE in 2011 that she settled on the name Paige.

Speaking on how her name came about, she told Crave Online, “So when you first get to, it was FCW back then, you give them a list of names of what you want and they bring it down to maybe — they will choose it or they will give you like three. […]It was Echo and [laughing] I said ‘No.’ Then there was Mara, from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo [Rooney Mara]. So that was the one that stood out to me.”

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