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12 Freaking Real-Life Cases Of Satanic Rituals [+Photos]


Satanic Rituals – Satanic rituals are a subject of great interest for a lot of people— whether you realize it or not. As people, we are intrigued by dark dances with the devil, and the people who dare to turn on the music. If we weren’t, horror movies such as The Exorcist, The Blair Witch Project, and even Paranormal Activity would not be as popular as they are. We like to scare ourselves with notions of evil and its many potential manifestations.

American Horror Story is especially good at playing on the fears we all have of the unknown. Each season, there is a new version of unexplainable evil we are presented with. The ghosts in Murder House (Season One), the devil which takes over Sister Mary Eunice in Asylum (Season Two), and the most recent manifestation of evil are the Roanoke Colony who remain tied to the land as angry spirits. The dark and twisted series is just another example of how we love to terrify ourselves with the unknown.

The best example of our flirtation with evil is our penchant for scary stories. Chainmail was huge in the 90s, and kids would forward every one of the terrifying emails just in case. There are people who will not touch ouija boards with a ten-foot pole for fear of inviting something unpleasant into our realm, and there are stories of people daring to say “Bloody Mary” three times in front of a mirror.

But these things are relatively harmless in comparison to the people who genuinely worship Satan as an entity. There is enjoying the possibility of evil for entertainment purposes, but then there is what occurred in these places around the world. Hold on to your hats, because this is what happens when scary stories are brought to life…

12. Online Dating Nightmare

In the 21st Century, many of you are looking for love on the internet. Some of you (no judgement) are looking for sex on the internet. But it is important to be safe with these things. Especially if you are looking for… not-entirely-traditional-sex. A young man from Arizona met two women from Milwaukee in 2011.

The women, Raven Larrabee and Rebecca Chandler, invited him to their home in Milwaukee for a threesome. But once he got there, they tied him up with duct tape and cut him with knives. They gave him over 300 wounds (maybe they were shooting for six-hundred-and-sixty-six?) before he managed to escape. Police followed his trail of blood to the women’s apartment and arrested them. Police also found a number of occult and satanic books in their apartment.

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