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12 Kinds Of Guys Who Simply Aren’t CAPABLE Of Adult Relationships

As much as we all like to think that relationships are something that is inherently part of a human experience, they’re not. There are people who can do relationships with ease, and then there are people who just aren’t capable of being happy in a relationship no matter how good their partners are. People who fall into that second category either have too many issues, are too selfish or are otherwise just not built for it.

Though there’s often a feeling like we need to fix guys who are like this or that we need to prove them wrong, don’t bother. The only person who can change them is themselves and trying to get into a relationship with one of these types will only leave you with heartbreak.

Here are the 12 guys who are bad at relationships. Yes, that means you should avoid them at all costs.

1. The Abuser

Abusers never change. If he’s making digs at your appearance, talking about how other girls are better than you or otherwise making you feel like sh*t, he’s not going to change. Men like this aren’t capable of love or having happy marriages because the only time they’re happy is when their partners are suffering.

2. The Serial Cheater

A lot of people will tell you that “once a cheater, always a cheater” is true, but the truth is that there are a select few who change. Men who cheat on a regular basis won’t change because it’s in their nature to be selfish, to lie, and to cheat.

These kinds of guys would be a lot better off if they would just be polyamorous and honest, but the fact is that they are too insecure to feel okay with women fooling around on them. As a result, they aren’t capable of relationships — at least, not happy ones.

3. The Mama’s Boy

Every woman I know has met one guy who had a mom who was way too invested in her son’s dating life. With guys who are straight up Mama’s Boys, they will always choose their mother over you. Unfortunately, this means that they may refuse to marry you due to mom’s wish, or may let their mom abuse you.

Mama’s Boys whose mothers have died also tend to be bad partners because they’re looking for a replacement mom. Don’t go for this kind of guy; they’re just awful.

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