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12 Shocking Stars You Never Knew Went To Rehab


By now we all know Hollywood is one of the craziest and happiest places on Earth. If you´re a part of that world your life can skyrocket to the heavens or go directly to hell, depending on the decisions you make. In fact, countless Hollywood´s stars began their fame on the wrong foot. (By wrong foot we mean drugs). Because of that, they had to undergo rehabilitation treatments in order to be able to carry on with their career and don´t mess up all the effort that took them all the way up there. If we had to mention some names from the top of our minds we´d say, Charlie Sheen or Jason Mewes. Nevertheless, there are far more celebrities that gave us a very unpleasant surprise when they first entered the Hollywood world. Let´s take a look at the 12 most astonishing cases, shall we?



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