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12 Top-Secret Tips From The Happiest Couples In THE WORLD

Several key behaviors stand out in order to help couples create a healthy relationship.

We all know that relationships take work and here are several key behaviors stand out that help couples create a healthy relationship.

Although attempts are not always perfect, healthy couples have a committed mindset as they continue to evolve and change as the years go by. They recognize that “good enough” is well, good enough and that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship.

Read on to the learn the 12 ways couples can work towards a healthier and happier relationship:

1. They have sex
Sex is a healthy part of their relationship. Although it doesn’t define their relationship, sex is an important part of it. However, that being said and while we are on the topic, let’s debunk the myth of “regular sex” right now.

There is no such thing as regular sex. What is that anyway? Who knows, who cares. Someone, somewhere came up with the theory that two times a week is regular sex. Ah, no.

Regular sex is whatever the couple decides is regular sex. That could be once a week. Once a month. Twice a week. Twice a month. You get the gist. Importance is placed on what is good for the couple and what works for them. Not anyone else. Not any other couple.

2. They’re curious
Couples are curious about one another by nature and curiosity will remain as long as you two are together. They ask questions. They remain open to trying new things.

Remember the beginning? Remember when we were excited to do new things together and were curious and interested about the other person, their life, interests? That hasn’t changed.

We are hard wired for novelty and seek that out. Are you doing things that create the novelty in the relationship?

3. They’re open

For discussion, that is. Couples discuss, share, argue, and disagree. They talk about things that are important to them. Even the difficult subjects.

Effective communication skills are vital to having a conversation that doesn’t become circular in nature (though some always will) but are more inclined to have a resolution even if its to agree to disagree with one another. They both can use their voice.

Caution for those couples who say they never fight. There is no such thing! All this means is that someone is deferring all too often and is not being honest or truthful about how they feel.

4. They unplug
They work hard to stay connected and sometimes that includes disconnecting from things so they can reconnect again. They recognize that it isn’t always necessary to be connected to the outside world.

One-on-one time is important. There are many benefits to unplugging. Besides, when did the tv, smart phone, or computer become more important than your relationship? This just sounds plain silly to me.

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