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13 Female Celebs Who Are The Biggest Douchebags In Hollywood [+Photos]


Celebs Who Are The Biggest Douchebags – We all know a douchebag or two, am I right? And we definitely all know of more than one or two famous douchebags. It seems as though any time a celebrity steps out of line, disses a fan, treats an employee badly, or does anything wrong at all, we all hear all about it. But some Hollywood celebrities go above and beyond the normal little mishap once in awhile.

Some of these people have serious personality flaws that lead one to wonder if they are like that because of fame, or if they were like that before fame. I myself wonder if some of them may, in fact, be sociopaths, because it seems in some cases that these people just do not give a you-know-what about anyone or anything but themselves.

Now, selfishness is not a trait that is uncommon in Hollywood, but like I said, some are more guilty of this kind of douchebagginess than others.

And just who are these douchey offenders, you ask? Well, there are many. Gillian Anderson, Lindsay Lohan, and Julia Roberts (surprising, I know) are a few whose names have popped up on lists of stars who can be bitchy. But just being bitchy doesn’t quite cut it, so these ladies did not make this list. Close, but no cigar.

No, the women on this list are royalty when it comes to being douches. I sought out and found 15 women we all know well. But we may not have realized that they have a darker side than the one they show all the time. So which Hollywood stars behave in a way that may make you raise an eyebrow, cringe, or even say what the f**k? Here are the 12 ladies I am talking about. Read on to see what I mean.

12. Christina Aguilera

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I myself did not realize that Christina Aguilera was anything close to being a D-bag until I looked into it, but alas, it seems as though it is sad, but true. One example is her blatant hatred of shopping with her fans. Once, she ordered a gag gift store she was in to lock its doors while she shopped. Talk about douchebag behavior! That is inconveniencing everyone else- some of whom may have been her fans- just so she could shop for a gag gift uninterrupted. Allegedly, upon leaving the store, Christina then ignored and laughed at her waiting fans.

She is also known to be cold to interviewers, and one radio station host reported even being afraid to interview her. Even her costar on The Voice, Adam Levine, apparently called her some pretty bad names because of her behavior. This singer got her start on the happy, innocent Mickey Mouse Club, but apparently it did nothing to teach her manners or humility.

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