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13 Filthy Rich Celebs You Didn’t Know Were Once Arrested For Stealing [+Photos]


Rich Celebs You Didn’t Know Were Once Arrested For Stealing – It takes a special kind of celebrity to shoplift. Think about it. You’re rich. You have the world in your hands, but this dress just looks too damn fly not to own. You need it. Should you get it? You haven’t checked the price tag yet because that’s something that poor people do. We already went over this; you’re rich.

Yeah, you get it, but instead of pulling out your wallet and buying it like the rest of the slobs walking around out there, you just steal it. You’re a celebrity after all. You’re basically doing them a favor by even visiting this crappy, non-famous store. We can’t be certain that this is how these types of things play out, but it would be amazing if they actually did. Unfortunately, as is often the case, there’s some form of illness behind the incidents on this list. Most of the celebrities here were either in a very difficult stage in their lives, battling depression or some other form of mental illness, or they’re just painfully stupid.

Since celebrity status often has nothing to do with talent, something this list will most certainly highlight, some of the celebrities on this list probably don’t deserve to be called celebs, but yet they are. Since they can’t do anything good or respectful to give their name positive press, something like a petty shoplifting charge is enough to get the media saying their names once again.

There are celebrities who steal significant items, but most often it’s something small and inconsequential, which makes us shake our heads even more furiously. How dare someone rich steal. They have the ability to buy almost anything and everything you need. Why on earth would you choose to steal three chocolate bars from the Kwik-E-Mart? Yet, lo and behold, each year we see some dumb celebrity in the news for another shoplifting charge. Baffling, but this is the reality of our times. Here are 13 filthy rich celebrities arrested for shoplifting.

13. Winona Ryder – $5,500 Worth Of Clothes


Let’s get Winona Ryder out of the way right away because this is most likely the most famous incident on the list. 80s superstar Ryder is one celebrity who, like many herein, has battled depression and shoplifting became an outlet for her. For whatever reason, Ryder decided to act out and her way of acting out was to steal $5,500 worth of designer clothes from Saks Fifth Avenue department store.

The following trial was highly publicized and she was ordered to pay a restitution fine to the store, work 480 hours of community service and serve three years of probation. After the event, Ryder struggled to find work for a long time as she was uninsurable in Hollywood. Recently, no small thanks to her performance in Stranger Things, she is enjoying some kind of renaissance in her career and has since received treatment for her clinical depression and drug use.

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