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13 Signs She’s Not ‘Just A Friend’

I want to start this off by saying that men and women can definitely be platonic friends, and some of my best friends are men who I’ve never slept with. However, this article isn’t about platonic friends. It’s about the kind of female friends who could pose a legitimate threat to your relationship.

These female “friends” aren’t actually friends, per se. They’re women who want to sleep with your partner or are already sleeping with him behind your back. At times, they are aware that he’s taken and just don’t care about how much it hurts you to know that. Other times, though, they could be totally unaware that the guy you’re with is even dating someone.

Regardless of whether they know or not, women who fit into this category are an issue that you need to broach with your partner. It takes two to tango, so it’s your partner’s responsibility to make sure that you feel secure with him and that he’s loyal to the one he’s supposed to be with.

So, is she more than a friend? Should you notice any of these signs, you may have to have a talk with your man.


1. She flirts with him.

The vast majority of girls know when other women are acting inappropriately with a guy. If she’s flirting and talking about sex with him, she’s crossing a line that shouldn’t be crossed… and he’s letting that happen. Nip that in the bud.


2. He puts her needs over yours.

There’s a difference between “homies over hoes” and putting special attention on one friend over your spouse. If he consistently chooses her over you or doesn’t seem to care how uncomfortable you are with her, there’s a very good chance that she’s not “just a friend.”


3. He never mentioned her, but hung out with her behind your back.

If warning bells could sound when relationships have serious issues, this would be the point where you’d hear the klaxons. If she’s really “just a friend,” why is he so secretive about her?


4. You never get to meet her, even though your boyfriend constantly talks to her.

A man who really is proud to be dating you will want to flaunt you to all of his friends, male and female. Guys who are cheating or attracted to another woman, though, will do what they can to keep their main chick and potential side chick separated at all times. After all, guys know that women tend to pick up sexual vibes between people pretty easily, and they know what that could mean for their relationship with you.

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