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The 13 Strangest Objects That Have Been Found On Mars So Far [+Photos]


Strangest Objects Found On Mars – Where would we be in this world without all of the alien hunters who spend their time digging through the images produced by the Mars rovers in the dark hours of the night, to tell us about the possibility that aliens are living on Mars? Indeed, it would feel like a piece of the Internet was missing without all of the viral stories of crazy Mars finds.

We won’t spoil the fun, but these alien hunters mean serious business and while the scientific world dismisses many of these objects as mere rocks, conspiracy theorists believe there is much more to the story.

One such theory is that NASA may actually be covering up an entire alien civilization! Not only do scientists insist these are just rocks, however, but they also believe that many of these alien hunters are simply exhibiting a classic case of the psychological phenomenon “pareidolia”, which causes people to see faces in various objects.

In support of the alien hunters out there, we have wrangled up some of their best finds for your amusement. Are you an alien hunter at heart or do you side with the scientists who think that these images are just rocks?

13. A Spoon (And Other Cutlery)


Out of all the things we are going to bring attention to today, the “floating” spoon, believed to be about 10cm long, has to be the most random. It might also give further credibility to the idea that tiny Martian women are, indeed, living on Mars (more on that to come) and that they eat from spoons. And, just as a floating spoon on Mars would, it blew up the Internet.

While experts claim that this is just a rock formation created by the strong Martian winds, alien hunters and conspiracy theorists believe that there is more to the story. NASA is firm, saying, “There is no spoon. This weird Mars feature is likely a ventifact — a rock shaped by wind.”

To add further speculation to the story, the spoon was soon followed up with additional images of cutlery, including an additional spoon, a cheese grater and a pair of chopsticks!

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