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13 Things Matured Women Don’t Do In A Relationship

Things matured women don't do

Things Matured Women Don’t Do – When it comes to relationships everyone has their ups and downs. Keeping a relationship intact is one of the most challenging things in our society; with the likes of social media it is hard to be in a relationship where both parties are mature enough to know that a relationship is more than what is seen on the surface.

Truth be told, when you have reached the age of 30 the norms of a relationship should not include breaking up over something stupid like a Facebook “Like” only to make up and pretend like you are not mad anymore, but bring it up every time you and your significant other get into a fight. These are the kind of small achievements in life that mature women hope to accomplish in their relationships; a world where she is not questioned for her decisions.

Mature women get a bad rap; most people believe that because they do not walk around flaunting their bodies then they are uptight and no fun to be in a relationship with. Honestly, a mature women is one of the best people to be in a relationship with, they have had all they can take of the jerks and are ready and willing to accept a good man in their lives; small flaws and all. Hooking up with a mature woman is almost a guarantee that your life will be drama free because she has no time to deal with negativity, childish behavior or questionable situations you have found yourself in. In addition she is more interested in making that coin then sitting down wasting valuable money making time disagreeing with you.

13. They Don’t Play Games

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A mature woman has no time to play games. She is on a mission to find a good man, have a successful career and ultimately lead a life that she is content with. She knows what she wants and it does not include someone who is not ready to go the distance with her. In a relationship that she has invested time in, a mature woman is not willing to sit around and defend a man who is involving himself in unsavory acts. This includes cheating, lying, sexting, texting and anything else that is not conducive to the calm, free flowing lifestyle she is trying to live.

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