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13 Things Women Say To Men —​ And What They *Really* Mean

Girls, translated.

Girls have a rep for not saying exactly what’s on our mind, and it’s kind of true. To a point, women kind of have to learn how to do that in order to keep safe in certain situations or to just fit in.

Even though we try to be subtle about what we say, we often think that it’s obvious what we’re really trying to say. Guys, though, don’t really tend to get the drift. Here are 13 common things women say and how you can begin decoding women’s language.

1. “Let’s just be friends.”

When girls say this, they legit would be okay with friendship, assuming that the guy isn’t being weird about it. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen very often, because guys usually get sulky after it. So, most of the time, this actually means, “Please stop hitting on me, you’re making me uncomfortable and if you’re going to act like this I want to be left alone.”

2. “I like you, but…”

Though there is that once in a lifetime case where there’s a legit reason they can’t date you, most girls who say this to a guy aren’t interested and are trying to let them down gently.

3. “I need to go now.”

If you ever hear a girl say this, it almost certainly means that you’ve made her uncomfortable to the point that she can no longer stand your presence.

4. “He’s nice…”

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When women say this, they’re saying that they’re on the fence about dating a guy. Or, they may legit mean that the dude is a nice person to be around as a friend.

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