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14 Struggles Only Girls With Small Boobs Understand

Girls with teeny ta-tas might be able to pull off a plunging neckline without looking boobilicious and don’t have to wear multiple sports bras, but it’s not all spaghetti straps and sunshine. If your bra size is the same as the type of batteries in your remote control, we feel you.

Read on for 14 problems you and your bee stings can totally relate to.

1. In high school, you bought the smallest bra available in Victoria’s Secret—and it was still too big.

Shout out to your entire graduating class! They probably saw your nipples at least once since your pair couldn’t fill the whole cup.

2. Speaking of high school, your 18-year-old self was waiting for the day her pair would arrive, but…

A decade later, they seemed to have gotten lost in the mail.

3. You’ve seriously considered bizarre boob-growing methods.

The suction cup bra, breast-enhancing pills, straight-up estrogen supplements. You’ve pondered them all and maybe even sampled a few.

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