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14 Surefire signs your partner is cheating on you

We can all agree that being cheated on is one of the worst things that anyone in a relationship can go through.

People cheat for different reasons, the most being, to get something that they’re not getting in their current relationship. Most people say that it’s easier to leave a relationship than cheat and that’s true but cheating is almost like a drug, you know you’re not supposed to do it, but the thrill of doing it takes you into a trance. One thing for sure is that once someone starts cheating, it’s almost impossible to stop and from then on the relationship will go downhill. Sure, some couples have managed to salvage a dying relationship after one partner cheated but once the trust is broken, it’s just never the same anymore. Have you noticed some behavior change in your partner? Do you suspect that your partner is cheating but have no evidence? Well, check out these signs that you may be dating a dirty dirty cheater.

1. A change of habits.

Maybe they used to come in at 6 from work, chill a bit and have a cup of tea or watch TV but suddenly, they come in later in the evening and head straight to the shower. While the change of pattern could be due to other factors such as stress at work and such, at times, it could mean that he’s cheating.

 2. They suddenly want privacy…a lot of it.

Suddenly, the phone has a password, they might even have two lines or phones and you have no idea. A cheater will never leave his/her phone unattended. It’s always either in their hands or hidden somewhere.

3. And still on phones, is your partner always texting?

Something is definitely up.

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4. Your partner whispers when taking some calls or walks away into another room, or the toilet… 

5. Suddenly, they’re no longer interested in sex.

And when they are, the sexual patterns have changed. Like, new sex positions or maybe your partner doing things they weren’t doing before like whispering naughty things in your ears and such.

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