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15 Celebrities Who Had Body Parts Insured For Ridiculous Amounts [+Photos]

Celebrities Who Had Body Parts Insured-Thepeep

Celebrities Who Had Body Parts Insured – Celebrities having insurance for their body parts isn’t something new. The trend was initiated around a hundred years ago and was started by the very first Hollywood stars of the silver screen. With the passage of time, everyone from models to sports players and even musicians have had parts of their bodies insured – in most cases, the sums are nothing but ground-breaking and are enough to leave you shocked.

In this list, you will come across some of the weirdest, most bizarre and outright shocking body parts that have been insured by celebrities. Any ideas as to what will be the weirdest body part that was/has been insured by a celebrity? If you think it’s a leg, then you sure as hell need to think again. Knowing this world, it is easy to guess that celebrities have probably had the weirdest parts of their bodies insured. If you start to guess some of the most risqué body parts, now you’re on the right track. Here’s a look into the 15 most ridiculous body parts that have been insured by celebrities over time:

15. Jennifer Lopez – Butt ($27 million)

That’s right – J.Lo’s butt was long making a name for itself way before the world came across Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian’s booties and has long been one of the most famous derrieres in the entire world. With such an amazing asset, it is no wonder that Jennifer Lopez chose to have her butt insured at a full $27 million!

Jennifer Lopez has gained immense fame for her backless appearances over time. If anything, it appears that she has acquire more fame for her bubble butt instead of her mediocre movie career. It is perhaps for this reason that she decided to have it insured for that bizarre sum!

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