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15 Celebs You Didn’t Know Served Their Country In The Military [+Photos]

Celebs You Didn’t Know Served Their Country In The Military

Celebs You Didn’t Know Served Their Country In The Military – “Whatever it takes” … “Be all you can be” … “Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory” … These are all popular and famous military slogans, mottos, and quotes that represent the men and women who have bravely served their countries in times of peace and war.

When we think of the machine that is the modern celebrity, we think of a life of glamor, excitement, and luxury. The life of a superstar bigwig doesn’t necessarily draw us to think about their lives in the time before they were rich and famous, unless their status stems from their back story. Then there is the cliché backstory of the star who worked as a waiter or bartender in the years before they were discovered and made it big. But there are other stars who had lives before fame that involved a completely different types of service that didn’t involve busing tables.

Often, stars had interesting and exciting lives long before they entered the spotlight, sometimes by choice, and other times by circumstance. Some of them talk about this time frequently, whereas others are asked more questions about their current projects or who they’re wearing instead of their lives a long time ago. Many celebrities who served their country and boast a military background in addition to their other fame producing talents. Here are 15 stars who proudly served their country long before they entertained us all.

15. Hugh Hefner


Playboy founder and icon is known for his success in creating the world renowned Playboy Magazine. While today he is best known for his ever changing rotation of wives, girlfriends, and playmates (he has dated many concurrently), his first and longstanding passion has been in his role as a publisher and writer. In 1944, after Hugh Hefner graduated high school he joined the Army as an infantry clerk and contributed cartoons for Army newspapers while he served. He was honorably discharged in 1946 and went on to work as a copywriter at Esquire before quitting over being denied a five dollar raise in 1952. He then mortgaged everything he owned (including his own furniture) and secured 45 investors, including his own mother, in order to launch Playboy (which was originally supposed to be called Stag Party).

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