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15 Hot Celebrities Who Love Exposing Their Body [+Photos]


Celebrities Who Love Exposing Their Body – Hollywood has never been a stranger to dressing provocatively, and stars have often used this tactic to gain further popularity from fans and an extra rung on the celebrity ladder. Just as Marilyn Monroe’sportrayal in The Seven Year Itch caused her popularity to soar, the iconic moment when her dress flew up from the air above a subway grating has been ingrained in people’s minds.

However, a lot has changed since it was shocking for a woman to reveal a glimpse of her underwear in a movie.

Nowadays, the same underwear style is thought of as a typical leotard outfit that’s worthy of being worn out and about on stage. Artists don leotard outfits with brief bottoms for all to see without so much as a blushing look, and even a G-string makes an appearance or two. The standards in provocative apparel in Hollywood have definitely increased, and it becomes much more difficult to shock audiences when baring a bit of skin.

While many have accepted the fact that the old way of thinking in regards to women covering up is an antiquated notion, there are some celebrities that have taken that to a whole new level. Making nakedness a standard practice has caused the world to become numb to their antics on and off the screen. Not only do fans turn with a look of disdain, but they’re really getting sick of the same old shenanigans. Check out our list for the 15 celebrities that need to cover up, and see if you’re as tired of seeing their naked antics as we are.

15. Coco

Coco is a celebrity that doesn’t concern herself with the notions of decency when it comes to appropriate apparel. Often her swimsuits consist of just a few strategically placed strings, and her social media sites don’t offer a big variation on that. Ice-Tmarried her within two months of meeting her, and the world has seemed fascinated with her ever since.

Being thrust into the public eye, Coco has definitely tried to make the most out of her 15 minutes. Their reality show, Ice Loves Coco, was a huge success, and she even landed a job in Las Vegas as a headliner, replacing Holly Madison in Peepshow; this was just another outlet for her to do what she does best- reveal some skin. With some celebrities choosing to shock and provoke, it’s often something scandalous like the Miley Cyrus foam finger incident. In Coco’s case, the most shocking thing she could do at this point is to start dressing age-appropriately and leave something to the imagination for a change.

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