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The 15 Hottest Girls Cristiano Ronaldo Has Slept With [+Photos]

Hottest girls Cristiano Ronaldo has slept with

Hottest Girls Cristiano Ronaldo Has Slept With – Okay, Cristiano Ronaldo is without question a fantastic soccer player. He’s one of the few in the short who is recognizable to the general public by just one name (joining the ranks of people like David Beckham) and he’s won countless awards, including winning the FIFA Ballon d’Or three times.

However, one of the reasons Ronaldo is so popular has absolutely nothing to do with his ability on the soccer field – it’s because he’s gorgeous, and as a result, has absolutely no trouble snagging any woman he wants. I mean, not that professional athletes generally struggle too much when it comes to the ladies.

Ronaldo’s dating roster is like an international Hot 100 list, filled with bombshells from nations around the world. While he’s been known to settle down in certain cases, such as when he was with supermodel Irina Shayk, as a whole he tends to play the field. Add that to the fact that he generally likes to keep his personal life out of the spotlight and you’ve got the perfect environment for speculation. There are a few women who Ronaldo can’t deny being with, because he’s made their relationship public, but there are a whole lot of women who Ronaldo allegedly hooked up with – and here are 15 of the hottest.

15. Imogen Thomas

via: taddlr.com

While North Americans might not know who exactly this star is, Brits will recognize her as one of the stars of Big Brother. Based on what everyone knows about many reality television stars who are looking to find any way possible to extend their 15 minutes of fame, it seems plausible that Thomas and Ronaldo may have hooked up, as a Portuguese tabloid suggested a few years ago. And, if anyone doubted the possibility of the soccer star and former Miss Wales getting together, they’d just need to take a look at Imogen Thomas’ dating roster. While Ronaldo absolutely loves dating models, Thomas seems equally passionate about dating soccer players, so they’re right up one another’s alley. As of late, Thomas has taken a bit of a step back from her footballer days, and she’s become a mother to two girls. Perhaps the duo will run into one another at a famous child’s birthday party one day.

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