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The 15 Hottest Women From Scandinavia [+Photos]

Hottest Women From Scandinavia

Hottest Women From Scandinavia  – Scandinavia, how much do you really know about it? I mean seriously- is it a country, is it a region, what are they known for? What do they do to make money over there, what sort of businesses is Scandinavia known for, what kind of sports do they like? Or do they even have sports over there? They ski right? Isn’t it cold there all the time? Maybe they are all figure skaters for all I know.

OK, enough, seriously. Who cares? All you really need to know about Scandinavia is that the most beautiful women in the world come from there. This is no joke, it is literally impossible to find a woman from Scandinavia that is not completely and totally hot. Or at least I assume so- it isn’t like I am ever going to go there, I might get eaten by bears. Or dragons. I am pretty sure they have bears and dragons in Scandinavia.

One thing I am sure of, is that all of the women on this list are incredibly hot, and all of them are from Scandinavia, which consists of Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Sometimes Iceland and Finland are included, depending on who you ask.  I should have let you look that up yourself, but I was starting to get the feeling you were just waiting for the photos. I mean, why wouldn’t you be.

If you were waiting for the photos, I can’t say that I blame you, because these are some of the hottest women you will see anywhere. We even got them to take off their parkas and knit hats for you. Anyway, here is our list of the 15 hottest women from Scandinavia. Enjoy.

15. Nikita Klaestrup


Nikita is a pretty awesome place to start on a list like this. She also would be a good place to finish, and to be honest she would be pretty awesome in the middle too. She is gorgeous. It is not just her looks though, she also has quite the attitude. How many women from Denmark do you know that are political commentators, reality TV stars, topless models, and fashion models? Personally I just know one, and that is Nikita. She has run for election a few times, but has not had much success, this is not all that surprising, as 22-year old topless models don’t usually have a good track record for winning elections.  I for one am hoping that this will change soon, and when it does, I want Nikita to be our president. Someone please tell me that this is possible.

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