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The 15 Hottest Women From Scandinavia [+Photos]

14. Elise Dalby


Elise was Miss Norway, and was the Miss Universe representative in 2014. Being names Miss Norway is kind of like being the tallest guy in the NBA or the fastest guy on the Olympic relay team- you get my drift. There is nothing but hot looking women in Norway, so to be thought of as the hottest one of all is a pretty good compliment.Elise knows how to represent, there is no doubt about that.  Sadly, her brother was one of the victims in the 2011 Norway attacks, which was probably the least Scandinavian thing that ever happened.  Elise has the longest hair in Miss Norway history. What does this mean? Don’t ask me, all I know is that Elise looks amazing, just like every other woman on this list, and pretty much every other woman in her country. Ladies don’t hate on Elise- it is not her fault, it’s just a Scandinavian thing.

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