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15 Mind Blowing Photos Of Shakira’s Booty

Mind blowing photos of Shakira’s booty

Mind Blowing Photos Of Shakira’s Booty – We all know Shakira; she is the fabulous singer from Columbia who has turned into quite a big deal here in the States.  Her fame is huge. She has sold close to 125 million records over the years and in 2014 became the first person to reach 100 million followers on Facebook. There is no doubt that Shakira is one of the biggest stars of our time.

When someone is one of the biggest stars of our time, one should also have one of the nicest butts of our time. So many stars over the years have let us down in that “derri- area,” but Shakira sure holds up her end of the whole thing. See what I did there?

Shakira has one of the nicest butts around, and there is no doubt that she knows it. I mean are you kidding me, she is constantly flaunting that thing all over the place! I am sure you have seen it at least once, and if you happen to be the one person in the world who has not, you are in luck. Because I collected a whole bunch of photos of her butt, just for you. So don’t lag “behind” ’cause here are 15 mind blowing photos of Shakira’s butt.

15. Leather Booty


This one is kind of the classic Shakira butt photo. See the tight pants? The arch of her hip? What about the totally nice butt?  The one that is pretty much perfect in every single way. Did you notice that? I bet you did.  Shakira is arabic for “graceful” or “full of grace”. And if you see her move that butt of hers around for a while you will not be thinking that her parents named her the wrong name. Her full name is Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripol.

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