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15 NBA Players Who Are/Were Jerks Off The Court [+Photos]

NBA Players

NBA Players – We all know that the NBA is full of jerks. Not a week goes by that one of them isn’t making some kind of news headline away from the court. If you can think of a crime or a dastardly act, it more than likely has been committed by an NBA player.

Today we will focus on those jerks in the NBA to finish off my four part series about jerks in professional sports. You have already read about the hockey, baseball and football jerks, but today we saved the best for last. Football certainly has a lot of them associated with the sport, but the NBA by far has the biggest collection of them.

Today you will learn who beat up their coach and threatened to kill him, who drove 90 miles to beat up his EX-wife for having a new boyfriend, who cheated in a card game with an old lady, which hall of famer cheated on his wife with over 100 women, and who made a joke about cancer patients. Yes, it is a certainty that the NBA is and has been filled with plenty of low lifes. Turns out you don’t have to be a good person to be good at basketball.

15. DeMarcus Cousins

Via slamonline

DeMarcus Cousins is a funny type of guy. He treats people like crap and then when he gets called out on it, instead of taking the criticism and making himself a better person, he just keeps it up. Which only goes to further the point when people call him out on his behavior.

With the Sacramento Kings Cousins once went after Head Coach George Karl after a loss. It’s been reported that Karl isn’t the friendliest of guys but he was still the man in charge and you don’t go after him. At least not in front of others. If you have something to say do it in his office instead of in the middle of a locker room where there are players, reporters and cameras around.

Charles Barkley once said that Cousins was immature and hadn’t yet grown up. Cousins responded to him by saying “I have no respect for you and I never will. We have nothing to talk about. So yes, every time we see each other, there will be no words.” Well, nothing verifies what Barkley said any clearer than that statement.

In 2012 he was actually sent home from a game by Head Coach Paul Westphal because he was “unwilling/unable to embrace traveling in the same direction as his team; it cannot be ignored indefinitely.” That incident was just a sign of the times to come for Cousins.

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