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15 Rappers Who Have Sex Tapes – This Will Shock You! [+Photos]


Rappers Who Have Sex Tapes – These days, the naughty tape is the new mix tape. These
adult tapes are highly sought after by fans, and it’s one of the last vestiges of adult entertainment that people are willing to pay for. Having trouble in your acting or music career? “Leak” one of these tape and see what happens.

Watch the trending turn into cash, branding, and free word of mouth advertising. In the world of hip hop, making such a tape is often a status symbol, and often leads to more work outside of just music: like a reality show or a whole new fanbase. We’ve compiled a list of 15 artists in the hip hop world who’ve had XXX tapes leak or got them shopped around.

15. Lil Wayne

In 2015, the internet went crazy over Lil Wayne’s sex tape where he gets it in with two strippers. Wayne threatened to sue if the tape was released. We don’t know but this may have something to do with the fact that he was in nothing but his socks the whole time. Hysterical.

We love Lil Wayne but my dog in nothing but socks is just too much for me. A d we prefer the clothed Wayne spitting hot fiya jambalaya on the track.

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