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15 Reality TV Stars You Didn’t Know Died [+Photos]

Reality TV stars you didn't know died

Reality TV Stars You Didn’t Know Died – Reality television is a controversial concept, since some feel that many of the reality shows on television are contrived. Secrets behind some of the most popular reality shows have revealed some surprising features that make audiences wonder whether or not these shows are truly real. A great example is howThe Real Housewives franchise is said to give cast members extra money for taking trips together, so they may not really be as chummy as they might seem.

However, not all reality shows are the same. From competition shows to survival shows to weight loss shows, the public seems to be more interested in the real lives of people rather than something scripted. Since the Osbournes became the first family to make a reality television show, the public continues to crave a more in-depth look at what happens off-stage and off-screen. Since then, more and more families are opening their doors to a camera crew, and a plethora of other reality shows have made their mark on television. With the fact that Survivor is going on 32 seasons strong and new survival shows keep popping up with each passing year, it doesn’t seem like reality television shows are going anywhere anytime soon.

With the public being introduced to so many different families, contestants, and participants; it’s inevitable that some of them would make their mark on the world. From endearing personalities to over-the-top characters, some reality stars have become full-fledged celebrities in their own right. However, there have been some shocking tragedies that have befallen some of our favorite reality TV stars, and snuffed out their light before their time. Check out our list of 15 shocking tragedies related to reality TV, and see how even those in the limelight can fall victim to misfortune.

15. Ashley Sawyer – Catfish

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MTV’s reality show, Catfish, is based on the Indie film, Catfish, starring Nev Shulman. Capturing the entire saga of an online dating relationship that turned out to feature a middle-aged, married woman, this seemed like a great premise for a reality show. With each new episode, fans started to think that it was just the same story retold, until new characters emerged that put a new spin on things. Ashley Sawyer’s story had a definite twist, since it turned out both she and her online beau Michael Fortunato, were both sending each other altered images. A month after her episode aired, Michael was found dead of a pulmonary embolism and Ashley Sawyer was later found dead in an apparent drug overdose.

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