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15 Most Shocking Statistics About Humanity [+Photos]

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About Humanity – Even if you aren’t particularly fond of mathematics, it is difficult to argue about the importance of statistics. They not only follow us around everywhere we go in commercials, adverts and informative pieces, they play a huge role in our understanding of the world and how we develop new systems. Stats can help to predict natural disasters, cure diseases and ensure that we plan ahead for any problems. They can also be incredibly useful in being retrospective. Statisticians are able to put raw data into readable forms so that we can look at the human race as a whole and not only know more about the world, but also more about ourselves.

After all, there are few topics that fascinate human beings than topics about ourselves. Our race is unique on the planet in that we have sentience and are capable of looking at our own species with a critical eye. This has led to a huge amount of research being carried out to study the human race, whether in examining our lifestyle habits or investigating the effect we have had on the environment around us. Unfortunately, these studies don’t always show us in the best light.

15. Wars Might Have Killed 1 Billion People


Everyone is aware of how wars can cause a huge amount of devastation and destruction. That is why, for the most part, nations have decided to try to settle disputes with diplomacy rather than engaging in conflict. While modern wars have generally only seen hundreds or thousands of people die, it was common for large scale struggles to claim the lives of millions of individuals. For example, an estimated 60 million were killed during the Second World War.

While it is difficult to calculate the exact number of people who have been killed during wars, it is clear that the number is likely to be exceptionally high. The 21st century alone saw more than 100 million killed in various different battles. The total number could be as high as 1 billion people, especially when you consider the other facts that come into play because of these types of conflicts. This can include starvation, disease and mass poverty.

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